Announcing A New Project & Kickstarter Contest

As does @wilw from time to time, I got excited and made a thing.

The thing I made – a 99 cent eBook that you can download here – is the introduction to a series of fifty short novels, tentatively titled Fifty States Of Grace*, that I plan to write (over many years). Each short novel will be set in a different U.S. state. I’m also hoping to build a “crowdsourced” community around these novels that will help me:

  • Determine the order of states the main character (Austin Trenton) will visit
  • Get ideas about places items could be hidden in each state
  • Get ideas about plot twists & the “wrongs Austin should right” in each state
  • Help find typos and errors
  • Have people help shape these novels as they evolve

In order to determine the first state Austin should visit I’ve launched a Kickstarter project which this video will now explain (it also summarizes the plot):

If you think this idea could grow wings please back the Kickstarter project now. It’s very easy – you just use your Amazon account.

Other ways you could pitch in if you were so inclined:

Thanks for your help! Back your home state now!

* “Fifty States Of Grace” is a tentative title because I’ve received feedback that it’s too close to “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. Help me think of a better title!

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2 comments on “Announcing A New Project & Kickstarter Contest
  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Hi Jason, I am impressed by this project.

  2. Thanks Rosie!. (psst… check out Rosie’s blog. It’s great!

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