I’m a Principal Systems Engineer at Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa and work remotely from Millrace a few days a week.

  • I’ve been at Collins since 2003. Prior to that I co-founded two startups and worked at a third.
  • At Collins I’ve:
    • Been a Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, Cert Focal, Engineering Manager, Technical Program Manager, & Coach.¬†Currently I’m in a coaching role at the directorate level.
    • Worked with UPS, Boeing, Embraer, & Bombardier, amongst others
    • Worked on Large Display System (LDS), ProLine Fusion, ProLine21, avionics display systems, onboard maintenance systems, retrofit programs, etc.

I did my undergrad at OU, a MBA at Iowa, and a Systems Engineering program at Stevens.

I’m married, have three kids, teach Sunday school, & wrote a short novel.

The best way to contact me is to take the name of this website (my name) and put “@gmail” between the z and the dot.