Finding Our Fathers Again

My second guest blog post at the Food For The Hungry blog went up today:

As a young college student, my father faced the terrible task of burying his father. His father had a heart attack and all of the sudden, he was gone.

A few years later, my father had married my mother, and they had their first child: me.

In 2011, when I traveled to Mozambique on a short-term mission trip to work with Food for the Hungry, I met a man named Halkeno, one of the leaders of the FH/Mozambique staff. He and I instantly connected. Over time, he told me his amazing life story, which also involved the loss of his father.

Someday, I hope Halkeno will let me write his true story. But until then, inspired by both Halkeno and my own father’s stories, I wrote a short novel that explores the question:

“When we lose our fathers, do we ever find them again?”

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