Third Food For The Hungry Guest Post

My third and final guest post for the Food For The Hungry blog is up.

The only hope many have is the love of Jeus Christ

There was confusion.

Halkeno, Lori, DeeGene and I had traveled from Gorangosa to Kaia, Mozambique, to meet our sponsored children as part of a short-term mission trip with Food for the Hungry in 2011. Our translator, Palmayra, was trying to find DeeGene’s sponsored child. He wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

We went from the school to a mud-and-thatched roof hut. There was a long discussion between Palmayra and the couple who lived there.

After a bit, we headed down a trail on foot, with our hands brushing the tall grass. We arrived at a cluster of huts. No one was there.

“He’s not here,” Halkeno told us. “The child is an orphan and is living in his uncle’s home. The uncle took the child back to Gorangosa, we fear, because he is not treating the child well and doesn’t want us to see.”

We all prayed for the child asking God to protect him.

I think of that child and wonder what his hope in the world could possibly be? I always come back to the same answer: the only hope that child has is the love of Jesus Christ and the love of His followers.

Inspired by my time in Mozambique, I wrote a short novel call the River Way Home. I’m donating the proceeds from the first 500 sales of the novel to support FH’s efforts in Mozambique.

Below, you can read an excerpt. If you like it, please consider buying it from to help support FH’s work to reach children in need.

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