Lost Fathers

I got this great email from a reader the other day, subject line “Wow!”:

Congrats on your book and the many other accomplishments you’ve done in your already young life. What an inspiring human being you are.

When I read a little ‘clip’ about your book “River Way Home”, I had an immediate body reaction (one of those deep breaths).

See, I might be a 60 year old fart (my husband of 34 years is a wonderful man –and together we also both try to add a little ‘good’ in the world) –but I ‘still’ to this day get that pit in my tummy when I read about books dealing with kids and their fathers.

My dad died suddenly when I was 4 years old. (our life changed forever). My husband’s father died when he was 7. They were on a camping trip when a huge bolder came rolling down a hill while they were hiking and killed him. It was horrific. He and I both grew up like ‘weeds’ after the deaths of our dads… so ANY book about a ‘FATHER’ —and their relationship with their child just goes to a special spot.

Your book sounds like a page turning-story!

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