I just posted this review of Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue at Goodreads:

Michael Chabon is one of my favorite authors. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is my favorite of his novels and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union is second. In Telegraph Avenue Chabon displays his talent in nearly every sentence. As a new writer towards the beginning of his learning curve, it amazes me to observe a master word-picker at work. I wonder how long he spends on each one of his sentences. His vocabulary and dexterity are just off the charts. He deserves to be considered one of the most talented novelists at work today.
That said, this novel wasn’t in my top seven or so of his works. While impressed with his words and sentences, the story itself didn’t fully hold my interest. I found myself skipping paragraphs. And the single-sentence chapter, while novel, was skipped as well. I liked the characters, their relationships, and the setting being centered on a Berkley record store. I also liked the blimp. But, if you haven’t read Chabon (and please do) start with some of his other novels first and read this one down the road.

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