One Of My Favorite Reviews

This four-star review on Amazon is one of my favorites:

“I absolutely loved this book. It was an easy read and such a heartwarming story. Although there was a lot of tragedy, love and faith prevailed.” – LittleWilma
That just says it so perfectly. Having people like the book like this is one of the main reasons I wrote this book.

Excellent Review At Hammock Librarian

Thank you very much for this 5 star review Christie! I’m humbled.

MY THOUGHTS:  Told in the voice and style of an African folk legend, the words float through the air like a tale told ’round the bonfire. This story is a family history passed from father to son, recounting the more recent generations that brought them to the present. No pages are wasted on superfluous babble, but in true man-to-man form, the father gives just the right amount of detail to his child about each family member mentioned.

Like looking down from an airplane on the curves of a mighty river, the stories in retrospect are able to be pieced together to see the flow of the bigger picture. And isn’t that what everyone has wondered? How did I get here? What forces came together to shape what I know as my life?

This was a quick read, one I couldn’t put down until I’d finished. The crazy twists and turns of each creek and stream that flowed into the river of this child’s life were too good to pause, and I was taken by surprise more than once.

In looking back (and re-reading the first chapter), I see that the author sprinkled clues to the ending throughout the book, but I was still caught totally off guard by the ending. And I’ve been thinking and rethinking about the book since. Well done, Mr. Wellnitz!

Great Review At Rosie Amber’s Blog!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a deep story that pulls at your heart-strings. The story of an orphan and how he meets two wonderful parents. Then they are tragically taken from him. He battles with what he has been taught about God and makes his own life. He tells us the full tale of his life as it flows down the river.

Lost Fathers

I got this great email from a reader the other day, subject line “Wow!”:

Congrats on your book and the many other accomplishments you’ve done in your already young life. What an inspiring human being you are.

When I read a little ‘clip’ about your book “River Way Home”, I had an immediate body reaction (one of those deep breaths).

See, I might be a 60 year old fart (my husband of 34 years is a wonderful man –and together we also both try to add a little ‘good’ in the world) –but I ‘still’ to this day get that pit in my tummy when I read about books dealing with kids and their fathers.

My dad died suddenly when I was 4 years old. (our life changed forever). My husband’s father died when he was 7. They were on a camping trip when a huge bolder came rolling down a hill while they were hiking and killed him. It was horrific. He and I both grew up like ‘weeds’ after the deaths of our dads… so ANY book about a ‘FATHER’ —and their relationship with their child just goes to a special spot.

Your book sounds like a page turning-story!

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